East Lake Community Church

Since we have started traveling, finding a church on each assignment has been less than easy! We were shocked at how few churches are in CA compared to back home. And then to find one that fits what we are looking for in a church can prove to be even more difficult. I mean, if we were into Scientology and worshiping Tom Cruise, we had it made in L.A. haha! Just a joke! :)

But for real, we prefer non-denominational, contemporary churches with the energetic worship bands and sermons that we can actually apply to our modern lives. We were both raised Catholic though, so we do tend to appreciate some sense of tradition in the mix as well. To say the least, we have done much more in-home Bible studying and watching Hour of Power on TV than we have spent time in a physical church over the past year. But we do both miss having that traditional Sunday community worship service.

So, how do I find churches on the road? How else than my trusty-rusty travel companions Google & Yelp?! :) Yep, I just Google ‘non-denominational churches in X city’ and go from there. It is pretty interesting that there are actually Yelp ratings on churches, just like there are for restaurants. Haha! Then I just read reviews on ones with 4-5 stars to see what people are saying. From there I just match up the reviews with what I know we are looking for in a church and hope for the best.

To our pleasant surprise, it worked so well here! We found East Lake Community Church in Bothell, only a couple of minutes away from our apartment. The service was amazing! Unfortunately, we have only been once since we lived here. That is the other hard part…Skyler works at least half of the Sunday’s (if not more), and the other half we tend to be out of town site-seeing. But for the one weekend we were actually here we felt very blessed to be a part of their Worship Service. The music was great, and the sermon was AWESOME! It was just the exact message I needed to hear that day too. You know, one of those times where you’re pretty sure the pastor is speaking directly to you? It was about a lot of stuff I had been praying about at the time, and it felt so great to feel connected.

Anyway, it was an awesome church! The type of place you can go in shorts and a t-shirt or wear a cute dress if you feel like it. You won’t stand out either way. Also the type of church where you don’t feel like people are all judgy-judgy. You know the type? The preachers admit that they are just sinners too and that we are all a work in progress to become more of what God wants us to be. If you ever find yourself in the area on a Sunday morning…this is the place to be! :)

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