Sky’s Surf Lessons

Last Wednesday, Skyler finally got to take his surf lessons that I got him for his birthday! I had booked the lesson with Peter from Go Surf LA because I had read several good reviews about him online, his price of $80 per lesson seemed pretty good, and he guarantees you to get up on your first lesson or the next one is free. The first lesson was supposed to be 1 hour and 45 minutes at Santa Monica Beach, and he would cover ocean safety, surfing etiquette, and the set & step method to getting up on the board.

They started off with the basics on land, and then quickly hit the waves to put it to practice. It didn’t take Skyler too long until he was able to get up on the board…he was actually surfing!!!

He had a lot of fun, and rode several waves in. He was definitely pooped by the end of the afternoon though because it is such a hardcore workout! And because all of those times that he didn’t make it up on the board, he was pelted by the next wave…

Peter seemed like a pretty nice guy, that definitely knows his stuff, but is possibly a bit on the unprofessional side. After I had paid my deposit and called him to try to set things up, he never responded with my confirmation email to schedule the lesson. So I had to call him back to remind him to send the email. And then on the day of the lesson, after about 45 minutes or so into the lesson, he kind of abandoned Skyler and got another board to go surfing. Apparently he couldn’t resist joining his friends out in the water. So Skyler actually got to use his board for about 3 hours instead of 1:45, but he didn’t have any instruction for most of the time, which was kind of frustrating being that it was his first lesson and all.

Sky did learn enough though that he definitely wants to do it again! Once we move, we will probably get him more lessons with somebody else. In the meantime, he is just going to rent a board when we go to the beach to practice.

ZJ’s Boarding House

The other half of Sky’s birthday present was to get his very own QUALITY wet suit. Peter recommended ZJ’s Boarding House in Santa Monica, so we headed there once we left the beach. Let me tell you, the guys here were so friendly and helpful!

We walked over to the wet suits when we got there, and just stared blankly because we had no idea what we were looking for. One of the guys in the store approached us and walked us through all of the different types of suits and the pro’s and con’s of each. It was so awesome! And there is so much that we had no idea about. He helped us narrow it down to 2 for Sky to try on, and then he picked the one that was most comfortable. Actually it was the one that he could get in and out of…because he nearly got stuck in the other that was a front zip!

I think he really enjoyed his birthday present this year. And hopefully it will be one that he can continue to appreciate over the years as he learns how to surf even better. And who knows…maybe some day he’ll be able to coax me into giving it a try (if I can get over my fears of being eaten by a shark).

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